You have been working hard on your project this weekend. It is time to present it! Please fill out this form so that we can get an overview of what we have achieved this weekend! And to make sure that the jury gets all the information from your team (in case you want your project to be evaluated by the jury). Please submit only ONE DevPost project per team.

Further information: and


Your team needs to have been formed at #VersusVirus and the project demonstrably developed over the past 48 hours.

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$42,000 in prizes

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Judging Criteria

  • Relevance for Swiss ecosystem
    Even though the participation in the hackathon is not restricted to Switzerland, highlighted projects need to be implemented nationally.
  • Relevance of the solution in addressing the specific challenge
    The solution is addressing the stated problem and is answering the proposed challenge.
  • Potential for impact on the long term
    The solution is feasible, and potentially scalable.
  • Progress achieved in the last 48 hours
    Projects in different stages of development have been submitted to the Hackathon, however highlights will be selected among those who made biggest progress during #versusvirus.
  • Value added
    We want to make sure that projects are inspired by collaborative spirit and adding value on each other.

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